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In today's world, people read e-books, books that you can download form amazon store, or google play store.
reading e-books is both cheaper and environmental friendly than paper books.
So, use e-books! download books to your device and simply read it.
recommended e-books store that you can use:
amazon kindle

in addition, technology also made other things obsolete.
Good example is "medical bracelets" or "panic buttons" that are popular among the older popularity.
Today, by simply using an app to your android device, you can have the same functionality as medical braclets or panic buttons
for free or for small amount of money. In most cases you can even get a superior service since today's devices equipped with sensors and strong CPU
that makes it possible to do pretty sophisticated stuff.
Good example for it is the "ispersonok" android application. this application was written to give an answer to a specific need of it's author -
android physical activity monitor app

but clearly, this application can be quite useful for various other needs by remotely monitoring the physical activity of the mobile phone
(android device)